Wednesday, October 31, 2012


BAAABBBBBYYYY GURRRLLL.. you are soo EXXTRRRAA for this thing you have done ooo, ehnn Olamitundun Sekinat Lawani.. but hey its NOT THAT DEEP...

so i finally got the courage to listen to your song IJOBA ORUN, then i got the strength to write this. its been very very hard for me. i remember january 2008 when i met you and you were just smiling at me and sucking your duvet(ughh that thing was annoying) i bet you are sucking on white dress now lol.
Tundun my roommate, my bunkie, my friend, my sister, my gossip partner, my motivator, hmmm since sunday afternoon ive just been remembering everything we did together, everything.When doyin came into my room and said "mobola said biola said tundun is dead" i said is this one mad pls thts a lie, then i spoke to mobola and i called your sister and asked her where is tundun? i expected her to say ahnahn why are you asking me dont you have her number but instead lulu said "she passed on this morning" and i laughed and the tears started and ive tried to stop them.  You know whats so funny on sunday morning i was soo bored and i couldn't sleep and i started shopping online and then went on urbanog to see their shoes and immediately i saw your face and laughed because you got me a pair of shoes from there 2 years ago for my birthday present and i promised to get yours and bring it to naij  that christmas but i scammed you .. hahaha and i was meant to send you the rest of the adams apple series i got from lagos this summer but i was always procrastinating hmmmm i wish i sent them to you now. you promised to call me after your exam on friday and you did but i was sleeping and didn't pick up and didn't even call back.. i really wished i picked up then or called back at least you would have said bye babygurrll i love you. when you were leaving my house last spring break i called your taxi and slept off i dont even think you hugged me properly. hmmmm.

Our last conversation you were telling me about your mums retirement plan and i was soo happy, you said you couldn't wait for her to start resting because she works sooooo hard, but you went to rest first. God knows best. That same day we joked about Lawunmi(lulushines) new boyfriend and how you said to me "BISI I MUST BE ON YOUR BRIDAL TRAIN I DONT CARE, IF IM NOT ON IT NOONE CAN" I laughed and said "NEVER YOUR BUMBUM IS TOOO FLAT AND SQUARE " and you laughed because you remembered how i always called you BLACKBOARD because you didn't  have yansh ahahah FLAT..

Remember how everyday we would make noise in the dorms and look for trouble, and gossip, and laugh and laugh and they tagged us THE LOUD GIRLS.  hahah i just remebered how u hate socks soo much and i would terrorize you by putting them on your bed and you would be soooo sooo mad.
LOL and all our rice days , we ate soo much and got fat together me you, mobola, naomi and dupe, doyin was the only one who remained slim. i dont think we ever got tired of eating. we ate because we could eat.  all our rice and spam and corned beef days,or ramen and velveeta . the absolute worst.. iyama i cant even eat that now ... struggle days.  i remember that your special fried rice you always cooked during cultural fair  and i would make the jollof rice. hmm memories.. ahh tundun we liked food sha.. remember when you went on international students trip you would bring chinese back for us. actually you would hustle it i wouldnt say steal. lool

Ohh i wonder where that your big bible is now the one with the pinkish cover, you read it every night hmm  you loved God so much soo much soo much you inspired me. We had history class together, mrs barnes english class and ms monroe's biology class . lool i remember how u always had diarrhea and Benjamin Early would make fun of you " TUNDUN HAS DIARRHEA" loool oh  you helped me soo much when Ben broke up with me after 3 weeks.LOOL VERY PETTY.  the last time you spoke to me you told me yo had to tell your mum to stop asking about ben because i had a boyfriend and she needed to be updated"

Do u remember Milan AKA MULIKA the boy you liked soo much but he didn't know u existed  lool and you would abuse him about having a big head .
I remember all our thanksgiving breaks we spent together with my mum and your mum and how we shopped for over fourteen hours because your mum wasn't tired. Good times.  remember how we would call our mums by their names and laugh and say the stupidest things. "like titi is such a small girl" or "bimbola is not as rich as titi" or "kemi is soo broke" hmmm our mothers are devastated, my mum has just been saying its not fair, i spoke to titi on sunday and i tried to encourage her and pray for her but then she started praying for me. you know your mum is the prayer warrior . loll when she starts singing when we have devotions, we would try to hold our laughter. lool

TOOONDDOON the dancer and singer.. ugh soo annoying your voice woke me up every morning , you and mobola would be doing competition and i would be soo irritated and i would join with my croaky voice.. you always mad fun of me during choir because i sang offkey, and i was singing tenor and i would sit with suprano and alto.smh mama dancer beyonce of life...  remember our liberian song "gli kata gli kata gli kata bam bam "
OMG you always made us feel young.. remember when i was about to graduate and we were doing beauty pageant in our room. and we would play dress up and catwalk. ELL OOO ELLL.. razzooo..

you picked my Banquet (Prom) dress for me and you were my date also" forever alone lifestyle" we had soo much fun then.. i dont really remember us fighting maybe only when you ate my food or something hahaha FOODIE.  the last time you came to my house you lost agege bread in doyins room and we were looking for it like it was a needle.. i wonder if they even found it..

Tundun you were a diva, a star and an angel on earth, God wanted you back so much because you were a lovely person i just wish you never died that way. i wish i spoke to you the day you called, we planned to grow old together, we planned to be friends, you wanted to be my first daughters god mother, you had a bright future but like everyone has said GOD KNOWS BEST.. i cant even question  Him at all.  everyone down here misses you even the ones that dont know you are mourning.
the book you left with taiwo is still in my house im going to read it on my way to atlanta.

we are going to atlanta for your funeral on friday and is unbelievable.  im going to meet your amazing friends and cousins you always spoke about and to be honest they are great people they have encouraged me soo much  ive never lost a friend before and i never thought i would lose you . holding on to the Dm's you sent when uncle Yinka died. you told me to be strong and you would be there whenever i needed you, i need you soo much right now but you are not even here . you said you loved me soo much, i love you even more. you've gone to be with your maker im sure uve seen your dad, and my uncle and that you lagoon teacher you spoke about  all the time.

i love you but God loves you more, and i know you are smiling down at us  and saying" ahh you people i am enjoying and living the life up here you people are just being so extraaaa" maybe you are even drinking "FAYROUZ"  and eating pop tart and a breadstick IN HEAVEN. i can imagine you with your wings and your one nation pick and drop hairstyle and your bright smile

 hmmm tundun youve really gone and im writing about you in past tense,God has taken you home ,  your mummys jeep couldnt take you to heaven, your friends here on earth  cant escort you to heavens gate..   im holding back my tears.. tundun this isnt easy why didnt you cross when Emma them were crossing , why did uhave to wait after ehhhnnnn tundun.. why. youve left ll of us with memories of you..  Whose is going to be my sisters best friend now who? who would share tutus birthday date ehnn.. tundun its not fair oo.. ive found it hard to sleep, i cant eat , i cant even smile, ithought i was doing better but no. everytime i close my eyes i see you in your green nightee and hairnet holding your bible and praying. hmm tundun o ti se eleyi tan oooo..  no one to call me and say "bisi any gist"  or who would i call when i find out one of our classmates have gotten pregnant again.  God does take the good ones. hmmmmm  this wasnt the plan shay you know? you shay?

one day we would all meet again, but not anytime soon. you wouldnt be seeing any of your friends faces in heaven SOOON..  not even your mums face or lulushines face or ituunnuuuu or ladipo.. NEVER.. we are all going to enjoy life to the fullest. i know you've made soo many friends there already..
i love you my friend and sister
sunre ooo ore mi, ojo iku ni ojo isimi...



Friday, March 23, 2012

He deserves the glory, the honor

God has been faithful, i mean too faithful to me.... some times i wonder why he loves me sooooooooo much. i dont understand.. ive left him so many times but He calls me back every single time , he accepts me with his arms wide open and forgets every wrong thing ive done.. He wakes me up each and every day and i keep taking it for granted.
these past months he has been my HEALER, MY COMFORTER, MY DELIVERER, MY TEACHER, MY STRONG TOWER, MY PROVIDER, MY PROTECTOR he has made me everything i am right now. he has put me thru trials and i know i have failed him but guess what he doesnt love me any less.
im thankful for his mercy .. i alone can understand what God has done.... in Febuary he healed me from some type of sickness, i dont even know what its called. the name of the sickness was big  but it wasnt too big for my Healer. He keeps giving me  reasons to smile He keeps giving me reasons to trust him,  every time
He keeps pushing me forward. and the devil tries to pull me back. im not where i want to be with him but im getting there.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

happy birthday to the only man ive known my whole life

Where do i really start from when i want to describe the most amazing man i have known all my life.
a man that puts other people first, a father to everyone, a mentor to the young generation, the most generous man i know, a great teacher, a disciplinarian, a man of his words. 

You are one of a kind this is why i love you soo much, you have supported us in everything we have done, you have prayed for us (your prayers go a long way), you have catered for us in every way, you make sure that we your grand children are comfortable at every point in time and you made me understand that without EDUCATION you cannot be anything. You keep telling me that my books come first and other things can come after. The way you and grandma call me EVERY TIME after my tests or exams encourages me to do better each time, and when i tell you about my result you always scream for joy  nothing makes me happier than knowing my grand parents are proud of me.

 You are an amazing father to your children,  that is why i have the kind of mother i have. You brought her up well that is why she is able to stand strong and take care of my sisters and I. even the way she gives with an open mind i know she got it from you. thank you grandpa for teaching my mummy well. 
If there were more men like you in this world, everything would be so much better.But u are a rare gem and i am happy you are a part of my life.

happy birthday to the worlds best dad and grandpa.. the only man who has been there completely all my life, 
i love u soo much.... 
happy birthday 

Saturday, January 21, 2012


sigh in the middle of the road .. HAMI ISNT NORMAL 


that one day CONTD


foladele falana my EX BESTIE 

the look dele was giving me.. sigh i m sure i was balzing.. and sisan looks like she has DS

i love these girls 


JESU.. OPON aiye.. (forehead of life)


sigh kely rowland but ???

ohhh no no no 

lace wig gone wrong lil kim

ughhhh NOOOOOO 


sigh, too much of lace wig would  do this to you..

pictures from funmi O


*takes long broom to remove cobwebs* WHEW.. its been forever
Happy New Year aka >>>> HNL... <<<< pure stupidity<<<. hoping u guys have an awesome year, less deaths than 2010..  to many people were lost last year.. well i thank God for life, for good health, for wealth, wisdom, family, friends and loved ones.. hoping we all se the end of the year together. 

oh yeah its been a year ive been blogging . well recently i havent been very faithful to this blog . not because i dont have time and all that. ive had so much time on my hands but il explain why..

this was more of a personal blog where i write whatever and however ifeel: happy, sad, depressed, heart broken, excited and what not. but these past month ive become very emm.. emmmm emmm. what the word???????????????????????? i cant figure it.well just want too keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.. trust me when i start i wouldnt stop.. hahaha yes.. BUT THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I FEEL COMFORTABLE and FREE... 
i love writting my feelings here tho. i feel blogspot listens to me more than anyone.. cos i over rant and  all .. and it doesnt complain. but i promise to start blogging more :) ....

check out their blog here


i dint get to do a post at the end of last year like i planned..

WELL 2011 was an amazing year for me, God blessed me in all areas of my life even tho i didnt deserve any of what i got, He still blessed me abundantly..
He listened to me when i spoke to Him , He answered when i called on Him, He gave me more than i asked for, he kept my family and i alive.. even wen i failed Him he still smiled and drew me closer... i cant even say how much i appreciate Him.. He is awesome.. He is amazing, He did what my mother, sisters or friends couldn't do. he Kept me alive .. too many deaths  in 2011 but he didn't call me home. He gave me grace to continue, He comforted me when i was down, He encouraged me, He gave me a reason to smile again HE TOLD ME EVERYTHING WOULD BE OKAY.


irede miiii :) ..

one day doyntown with the lovers

so my cousins boo came to houston from maryland last november  and we decided to go downtown and have cool fun and take a few pictures. here are a few sha .... 

the fish bowL YUM

my red dragon 

cousin love 

tika and the boo 

awon eleyi won bad gan

half way? feeling woozy 

awwww i love this picture 

pillow of life.. i love her boobies 

hmm this girll 

theyve  watched to many nigerian movies